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The Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression



By: Lloyd Jones(Author Illustrator) Melinda Edwards(Contributor) Dr Linda Bayliss(Contributor)

Language: English

Genre: Children's Books

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (21 Jun. 2015)

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The original title of the book: The Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression

Bronze Medal Winner in the Picture Books, Early Reader category of the 2015 Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards

Once upon a time there was a Princess. She had everything a little girl could ever want, and she was happy. That is, until the fog came...

The Princess and the Fog is picture book to help sufferers of depression aged 5-7 cope with their difficult feelings. It uses vibrant illustrations, a sense of humour and metaphor to create a relatable, enjoyable story that describes the symptoms of childhood depression while also providing hope that things can get better with a little help and support. The story is also a great starting point for explaining depression to all children, especially those who may have a parent or close family member with depression.

With an essential guide for parents and carers by clinical paediatric psychologists, Dr Melinda Edwards MBE and Linda Bayliss, this book will be of immeasurable value to anyone supporting a child with, or affected by, depression, including social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, arts therapists, pastoral care workers and school staff, as well as parents and carers.

Depression is fortunately rare in young children but sadly all too common in those around them. This picture book with its simple but accurate text and amusing illustrations is an invaluable aid to talking about depression with children. If your child, or someone important in their life, is affected by depression then this book will help you discuss the causes and treatments of depression in age appropriate language. Lloyd Jones is an "evidence-based author", he has done a very good job of accurately summarising what is known about childhood depression in a way that will amuse as well as inform a young child. -- David Cottrell, Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Leeds, and co-author of NICE, Depression in Children & Young People, Clinical Guideline We don't often think about younger children having depression, what we mistake for early puberty might actually be early signs of depression. This book is aimed at kids ages 5-7 (but kids under 9 will appreciate it as well) describes what kids feel when 'the fog descends' and kids don't want to do anything, or do what they used to.It is also a very good book for kids with parents who suffer from depression, to read and to help understand what is going on with the person with depression, and why they don't act 'like themselves' anymore, but then later they do. The illustrations by Lloyd fit the story perfectly. The book also includes a depression guide for parents and caregivers, by Dr Melinda Edwards and Linda Bayliss, that's offers great tips, suggestions and guidance. This is a book that needs to be at every school, and read to every child!. We highly recommend this book! Bless Their Hearts Mom blog This is a creative and entertaining book that tackles a serious topic/issue that sometimes authors and writers shed away from or don't want to deal with. But depression is real and not only do adults deal with it but so do children and teenagers...I think this would be a great book to have in not only a special education classroom but also general education classrooms... Overall a great book. Dive InTo Books blog The book is beautifully illustrated with the fog/depression prominent throughout and showing how she comes back out of it (and sometimes sinks back in - and I think that is an important note). The end of the book even includes information specifically for the parent/guardian figures about child depression and sadness and how to help in a productive way... I found this children's book both informational and appealing to the eye. Cover2Cover Blog The Princess and the Fog is very helpful book for the many children and families that are dealing with depression. It can help the children and adults understand how it feels, give them understandable vocabulary to use, and find paths to breaking through the barriers that depression can raise. It is a wonderful discussion starter and tool that everyone can use to foster understanding and find tools to work toward solutions. Sharon the Librarian blog This is a delightful picture book covering the sensitive subject of childhood depression... The author uses lively and colourful illustrations to chart the princess's journey through this personal crisis and reassures the reader that this can happen to anyone... The reader is provided with links to professional support services as well as advice for coping at home.This is a helpful resource for parents and for schools and approaches the subject in a child-friendly format. -- Mary Mountstephen, author, editor SEN Magazine An age-appropriate look at depression. Though this picture book opens with "Once upon a time," this is far from a typical princess book. The title princess loves to read books, ride horses, and play outside with her friends. Everything begins to change, however, when a fog, symbolizing depression, creeps in. Slowly, the princess feels sad and lonely, no longer enjoys the activities she once did, and doesn't want to leave her palace or see her friends. Her well-meaning parents try everything they can to make her smile, but nothing works. Eventually, a friend asks the princess if she wants to talk. By discussing her feelings, setting up daily challenges, and receiving advice from various people, the princess begins to feel better. The people in her life and the advice that she receives also help her deal with the dark clouds when they return. This title effectively conveys what depression feels like to children. The fairy tale-type story and the striking, dynamic illustrations, which use color to indicate the princess's changing mood, make a heavy topic accessible. A special author's note is included for caregivers on helping children with depression. VERDICT A good option for educating children about mental health, and a solid choice for caregivers who are struggling with depression and want to educate the younger members of their families about the topic. School Library Journal The author and illustrator of this splendid book, Lloyd Jones, is a sufferer from depression and knows whereof he speaks. His pictures are a delight, full of colour and drama and messiness (after all, depression is a messy condition), and there is humour too. It is unusual to find a picture book about depression in children, and Jones is to be lauded for this wonderfully put-together production! HealthyBooks

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  • By Guest on 18 March 2017

    brilliant story to help children understand depression

  • By Dr Pooky Knightsmith on 9 July 2015

    "Once upon a time there was a princess. She had everything a little girl could ever want and she was happy. This is, until the fog came..."This is a story that is simply and beautifully told and wonderfully illustrated. It provides a great way in to discussing depression with younger children who may be experiencing it either first or second hand. The story is simple but very deep all at the same time. It starts with a princess who has a wide range of hobbies and lots of friends, then we see the fog begin to creep in and she begins to slowly become less happy as her head becomes crowded by fog.The story then follows how the princess feels now the fog has descended; she is slow, sad, tired and lonely and everything seems very difficult. We then see how everyone tries to help but but nothing seems to make her feel better until she begins to open up and talk about her feelings with her friends, parents, teachers and anyone else who would listen. The book also explores other ideas that helped her to feel better like getting out in the fresh air and setting herself daily challenges.Finally, she comes to realise that she is not the only person that has experienced the fog, and this, above all else, helps her to feel less alone - which is exactly what this book will do for any child experiencing depression.The story is clearly told by someone who really has a thorough understanding both of how it feels to be gripped by depression and also what makes kids tick. The story is quite funny in parts and the illustrations are hugely appealing. There are lots of moments which will really resonate with adults and children alike and which could prove a great discussion point with a child who is suffering. For example when we learn "She started to feel completely alone, even when she wasn't" - this is a common feature of depression and a difficult one to explain and explore, but the book provides a great way in to this conversation.I think the book could be read and revisited many times - a child will take away different messages and lessons from it at different times in their journey with depression. It will be very reassuring and affirming for a child with depression to realise that there is a book about people like them. It is fabulous to see a resource which is openly encouraging acceptance and discussion of childhood depression.The publishers recommend this book for use with children aged 5 to 7 who are suffering from depression, but I think it could be used far more widely - it could be used with a slightly broader age range (after all, there is precious little available) and would be a powerful way to explain depression to a sibling too. It could also be used to help a child understand depression suffered by an adult in their lives - it may feel more understandable and relatable when told through the eyes of a princess who is otherwise like them.As you can no doubt tell, I'm a big fan of this book. It's a much needed resource that could be used by parents, teachers, counsellors any anyone else who has a child in their lives who is trying to manage depression or low mood. A great partner book is 'Can I Tell You About Depression' which explores adult depression in child friendly language and provides a lot of detail and answers questions that could arise after reading The Princess and the Fog.Bravo to Lloyd Jones for taking on a tricky topic and tackling it perfectly.

  • By Crafty Tanya on 14 July 2015

    A very clever book. Using a princess as so often found in children's storybooks, as the character who is engulfed by a fog of depression is a great way to show that even heroes and heroines, regardless of wealth, can suffer debilitating mental illness..The author shows a caring family trying all they can to help and that a friend offering to talk, and more importantly listen, can be crucial in moving towards lifting the fog.A great book for parents, health workers, social workers and school staff to use with young people who are suffering from depression, it has a section on using the book to help. It is realistic within the story in suggesting that mental ill-health can return, but can often be managed and supported.

  • By Hannah Treagus on 25 June 2015

    Put simply, this book is really really great. It's one of the first of its kind concerned with a relatively new concept of childhood depression, and it allows children to access its incredibly complicated world. The illustrations are beautiful, engaging and witty, and the plot is not only useful but fun and sweet natured too. This book could very well be the key to allowing children to understand their own low moods or even those of a parent or loved one. Equally though, it's a great story for kids too. It has advice from a trained psychologist too making it the complete guide. I cannot recommend this book enough!!

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